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When do I need to update my MSDSs to comply with HSNO?

Today! Requirements are already in place for transferred and approved substances. The "grace period" for compliance has already expired. However, companies that have substances approved under group standards have until 1st July 2008 to obtain HSNO legal SDSs for all of their substances.

Do I need an MSDS for each product I use or sell?

Yes. If you do not have an MSDS that complies with HSNO from your supplier, you will have to develop your own.

How can I ensure that my MSDSs comply with the legislation?

There are a number of new requirements which makes it difficult for you to ensure that your MSDSs are correctly written. Datachem has the expertise to help you with this process.

My supplier will not provide me with a HSNO SDS/MSDS and I don't know what the classes for my chemical are?

Suppliers have been legally required to provide a "compliance record" since July 2006. This confirms the group standard assignment under HSNO. Generally, they will have had to classify the products and work out relevant requirements such as approved handlers, signage, test certification and emergency planning.

We import/manufacture chemicals and have always used the Australian/ American/ European MSDS. Why are customers asking for a NZ MSDS/ SDS?

Users of chemicals in NZ need to know the legal requirements which are dependent on the classifications. Although the supplier may not be legally required to provide an NZ SDS until July 2008, the users need the associated information NOW to ensure that they can comply.